What if your Insurance Company deny your claim after Hurricane Irma

1/16/2018 | Posted by Teisha Powell | 0 comments
Hurricane Irma was devasted to many families in Florida. Now homeowners with damages are beginning to see the pinch of such effect. Homeowners in Florida today are noticing that there insurance company are denying their claim or undervaluing their claim. Even though Hurricane Irma happened in September 2017, you can still retained a Florida Insurance lawyer. Why would you retained a Florida Insurance lawyer? Well, the answer is simple. The public adjuster can only do so much. The public adjuster cannot go to court for you. If the insurance denies your claim or under pay your claim, the public adjuster is going to tell you to get an attorney. If the insurance company denied your claim, you will need to lawyer up. Here are Teisha Powell, Law offices P.A, we fight against insurance companies. We help homeowners get the money they deserve. 

So if you are fighting with your insurance company because you received damages from Hurricane Irma, then it is time to call a Florida insurance lawyer. You do not have to make the insurance company push you around. You need to hire a lawyer who will get the insurance to open its wallet. 

Hurricane Irma did enough damage to your home. Do not let the insurance sink you any lower. 
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