What if you slip and Fall in a Grocery Store in Florida should you file suit?

1/30/2018 | Posted by Teisha Powell | 0 comments
What if you slip and Fall in a Grocery Store in Florida should you file suit? 

Most people are unaware that they have rights if they had a slip and fall in the State of Florida. Under Florida law, you can sue a grocery store even if you didn't buy anything at the grocery. Let's say you went to Publix to shop or you went with your friend or relative, just to accompany that person. And by some mishap there is something wet on the floor in Publix. You slipped. And you fell. You didn't purchase anything. You can still sue. You do not have to had purchase anything to sue for the slip and fall. 

Another misconception people have is that the fall must be so bad, that they (people) must end up in the hospital. That is not necessary the truth. There are plenty people who sue yearly for a slip and fall even though they (people) didn't end up in the hospital. As long as you have injury from the slip and fall, you can sue. 

What happens if the slip and fall happened in the parking lot, can you still sue? The answer is yes. If the grocery store parking lot had some icy patch, cracked pavement and poor lighting, then this is a slip and fall accident lawsuit waiting to happen. The Grocery store has a duty to provide a safe condition on its property. This means both the inside and outside of the property. 

If you are interested in knowing more about your slip and fall injury and how much it is worth, then contact a personal injury florida lawyer now. A personal injury florida lawyer will be able to tell you what your case is worth. 

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