3 Ways to Fight your Homeowner's Insurance Bad Faith Claim.

4/21/2018 | Posted by Teisha Powell | 0 comments
Insurance companies have to worry about people making fraudulently claims. You know, the people who put in a claim for a pre-existing claim or these homeowner's intentionally damage their homes to obtain a windfall from an insurance claim. We all know this is wrong. But homeowners should also worry about the homeowner's insurance putting in a bad faith claim. What is a bad faith claim? A bad faith claim is when the insurance company purposefully underpay or reject your claim because it just doesn't want to pay it. So does a homeowner have any rights to bad faith claim? the answer is yes. Here are 3 ways to fight bad faith claims. 

1. Document everything. 
You should document all the calls you made to the insurance company. Document the name of the people the insurance company sends out to you. You should document whatever the insurance company did and say you are to do. That way you can have this ready to go if you have to file a lawsuit. Often times, insurance companies will lose on bad claim issues. So do not think you have no rights. 

2. Hire an attorney.  An adjuster cannot file a lawsuit for you. Even though you might have hired a Public Adjuster, if you are denied or under paid a claim, you will need an attorney. So hire an attorney. Often times, insurance lawyers will not get paid unless you are paid. So all it takes is a few phone calls and sign up with an insurance lawyer, Florida. 

3. Mitigate your damages 
If you have lost your roof, then put a tarp on it. Do not wait for the insurance company to pay for your roof. You have a duty to mitigate the damages. While the bad faith claim defense is going, you still have to make sure you are doing all you can to protect the property from further damages. 

Remember in all situation, think positive and contact a Florida insurance lawyer who can help you sort through the debacle of an insurance claim. 
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