3 Reasons Insurance Company deny your claim

Hurricane Irma was destructive to the people's life in Florida. To add insult to injury, many people in South Florida made claims to their insurance company and they got denied. But why do insurance companies deny claim. Well, here are three reasons Insurance Company denies you claim. 

1. You didn't retain a lawyer- Lawyers do get bad rap. But when you want your claim to be paid, rather than beat around the bush, just retain a Florida Insurance lawyer. Why? Because your insurance company will not deny the claim because it is afraid of being sued. Another reason is that your insurance company knows that if you hire a Florida Insurance Lawyer then you are serious about litigating which means the insurance company will do the best it can and not deny your claim. 

2. You claim is worth less than the deductible- If you put in a claim for $3000.00 and your deductible is $10,000. Then the insurance company will deny your claim. However, it doesn't mean you cannot reapply and prove that the damages are well in excess of $10,000. This is why you need a Florida Insurance Lawyer because then the Florida Insurance Lawyer will be able to help you put in your claim and help you not to get your claim denied. 

3. You didn't provide your insurance company with enough proof of loss- As mentioned in previous blogs, it is important that you document your proof  of loss and even go as far as taking pictures of the damages. Why? Because if you fail to provide the insurance company with enough proof of loss, then the insurance company will easily deny your claim. 

If you are just not comfortable filing a claim with your insurance company for damages you sustain to your property because of Hurricane Irma, then consider retaining a Florida Insurance Lawyer. Remember that the insurance company retain lawyers to defend your claim. Why not hire a Florida Insurance Lawyer also. Florida Insurance Lawyers do not charge a fee, if you do not get paid. And the Florida Insurance Lawyers get paid when you are paid. So there is really no risk involved in hiring one. If you do not get paid, your Florida Insurance Lawyer doesn't get paid. 

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