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If you live in Florida and your house was built before 1975, then chances are that your house plumbing system has failed or is already failing because you have cast iron pipes. Cast Iron Pipes might lead to water damages, which can also be dangerous to a person's health. Oftentimes, insurance companies deny coverage for Cast Iron Pipes saying it is normal "wear and tear." You will need a Florida Lawyer to fight insurance company for the denial of your water damages to your property because of Cast Iron Pipes. So when should you get an attorney to handle your Cast Iron Pipes Damages. Well, here are the three things to consider in order to move forward with a lawsuit on your cast iron pipes. 

1. You are a Florida Resident. 
2. Your house is located in the State of Florida. 
3. Your house was built before 1975, and you had previous filed a water damage claim that either was lowballed by your insurance company or denied by your insurance company. 
4. or your house was built before 1975, you had not file any claims as yet, but you have evidence of water damages. 
It is important you contact a Florida Lawyer who handles insurance claim if you have water damages. Do not let the insurance company push your around. You do have legal rights. 

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