How Florida Residents can put a claim with their insurance for Hurricane Michael

It is sad news that we have to write this article. Right now, Families in Florida Panhandle, Mexico Beach have felt the impact of Hurricane Michael. Hurricane Michael has churned damages billions of dollars in property damages  and taking 2 people's live. To add insult to injury Families in the panhandle and Mexico city will have to go home and manage to put themselves together and make Hurricane claims through their insurance carrier. Here are the 3 things Floridians need to know when making a claim. 
1. Document everything- You need to be able to show the damage. and a simple picture will do the trick. 
2. Do not sign or assignment any claims to a third party. You need to be careful that a third party doesn't end up with your entire insurance proceed from Hurricane Michael. This can have a bad impact on you. 
3. Consider retaining a lawyer. Law Firms that handle Hurricane claims might be a good way to get your insurance carrier to do the right thing. So consider retaining Florida Insurance Lawyer that can help with the claims. 

Posted by Teisha Powell | 10/11/2018 | 0 comments
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