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How to put in a Homeowner's Insurance Claim in Florida

4/6/2019 | Posted by Teisha Powell | 0 comments
If you live in the State of Florida, especially in South Florida, and you own your own home (property), then you will probably at some point put in a property damage claim to your insurance company. Why? Simple, in South Florida, the weather is very warm. This will cause you to use alot of Air Condition. The way we use our Air Condition in Florida causes us to over use the Air condition. This will cause the air condition to overwork and create a water damage to the property. If you experience any water damage to your property, you should get it fixed. By getting it fixed, you will find that the bill will exceed over $5000.00 At that point, you will need to put a claim in with your insurance carrier. Most people do not know how to put a claim in with their insurance carrier. And even if you do, the insurance carrier might under pay you or deny your claim all together. This is why it is important that you contact an attorney handling insurance claim.  You can hire an attorney handling insurance claim anytime during the claim. This means if you already open up a claim and the insurance company has only given you a partial payment, then contact an insurance claim attorney who will go ahead and finish up the claim for you. What you must not do is take less than what the claim is worth and sign a settlement away. By signing a settlement, you have prevented yourself from getting more money. This will be a problem since you will need money to fix the property. In any case, if you are not sure what you are doing, contact an insurance claim attorney. These attorneys work on contingency. This means if you do not get paid, the lawyer you hire won't get paid either. 
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