When to Sue your Homeowners Insurance Carrier Under Florida Law

5/26/2019 | Posted by Teisha Powell | 0 comments
If you live in South Florida, you will probably some day have a miserable water damage done to your property. Now the question is, how do you resolve it? First, you need to get a proof of loss done with your insurance carrier to list what was wrong and the estimation that you put on the loss. If your insurance company either give you the ring around or deny your claim or under pay your claim, then you will need to retain a skilled law Firm, like Teisha Powell, Law Offices P.A. With that in mind, then you will be suing the insurance carrier. Why would you do that? Simple to get the insurance carrier to pay for the claim. Not because an insurance carrier give you a denial letter means things are hopeless. Things will work out. You just need to get a law Firm on board, like Teisha Powell, Law Offices P.A, who will sue the insurance company for you and get it to pay for your damages. Look, you have worked hard to pay your premium. Your insurance company should do the same. It needs to honor the agreement and make a way for you to get paid. This might only happen if you hire law firm. So keep this in mind. hire a law firm who work on insurance cases. That way you can get the money you deserve. 
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