What to do when your Florida Insurance Policy is underpaid

6/11/2019 | Posted by Teisha Powell | 0 comments
If you live in Florida, and you own a home, then you must have homeowner's insurance. One thing you will understand from having homeowner's insurance is that not one insurance is the same. Some homeowner insurance require you to do this and do that. While other home owner's insurance will just pay out even if the requirement isn't met. In any event, this article will address a pressing issue in South Florida. What should you as a homeowner do when your Florida Homeowner's Insurance policy is under paid. This means you put a claim in. And then the insurance company went ahead and paid less than what you needed. You wanted $10,000 and the insurance company gave you $3000.00. That is an underpayment. And you have a right and a duty to get more from your insurance carrier. How do you do that? Simple. You sue. You find the best insurance policy attorney in town and you make her sue the insurance company. If you do not sue the insurance company, then the insurance company will gladly pocket the change you left it. What change is that? The $7000 because you acted ignorant or aloof and the insurance company is banking on your stupidity to get away with murder. Please I am not trying to insult anyone. I am just saying anyone that has an ears, let him hear. The insurance company is in the business of making money. The surest way for the insurance company to make money is on the backs of hard working homeowner's. And this is why I am here to spill the beans. Hire yourself a good attorney who can handle your insurance claim. Let that attorney fight for you. Let that attorney fight to get you the money you deserve. Do not be scammed any more from your insurance carrier. It wants your money, all of it. And it wants to pay you nothing. None of it. 
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