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Why do Insurance Company under Florida deny claims

8/19/2019 | Posted by Teisha Powell | 0 comments
Ok. So this has been asked by many people. And I want to clarify things for you. Why do you think your insurance company is denying you a claim? The answer is simple. You will go away. By getting you to go away, then the insurance company just needs to pay less. This is why most people just hire a good insurance lawyer down in florida. Because the insurance lawyers like Teisha Powell, Law Offices P.A. work for free. This means if you do not get a check, then your law Firm Teisha Powell, Law Offices P.a. won't get a check either. It is time you hire a Florida Insurance lawyer to handle your claim. This is well settled when you hire a Florida Insurance Lawyer. And by the way. The insurance company has hired a law firm to handle your claim. Shouldn't you hire one as well? 
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