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8/5/2022 | Posted by Teisha Powell | 0 comments
After the housing market crashed in 2008, many subprime lenders turned to predatory loans through a novel or new way of loaning money-Merchant Cash Advance.  Lenders who want to rip people off tend to charge usury fees.  As a corporate owner, you are going to find out that once you are signed on with a Merchant Cash Advance lender, that lender can bring you to your knees unless you immediately get a Florida lawyer to help you get out of this deal. 

If you sign a Merchant Cash Advance loan, then immediately contact Teisha Powell, Law Offices, a Law Firm located in Florida that handles 18 years of Debtors rights, debt settlement, forbearance, loss mitigation in the State of Florida.  A Florida Merchant Cash Advance Attorney will review your contract, request a reconciliation and even sue to defend your claim against Merchant Cash Advance lenders. The Courts in Florida will treat your agreement as a loan, which means if usury applies, then your lender will be at fault. 

Sadly in Florida, you do not need a license to become a Merchant Cash Advance. Florida is seen as the fraud capital in America and many shady bankers love to set up shop in Florida to deceive and rip off debtors. But enough is enough. Do not allow your Merchant Cash Advance lender to get a profit illegal through usury. Let us put a stop to it, by retaining a Florida Merchant Cash Advance Law Firm today. At Teisha Powell, we have helped over 300 borrowers obtained loss mitigation options with major lenders like Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, WellsFargo, Countrywide to name a few.  We are not afraid to go up against any lender, including the Merchant Cash Advance ones that feel that they are superior because they are creditors. 

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