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Are Merchant Cash Advance Lenders the New Subprime loans?

8/5/2022 | Posted by Teisha Powell | 0 comments
Florida Merchant Cash Advance is a new way that lenders are beginning to loan money and charge usury loans, and then trick consumers, into believing that the loan is a future receivable.  When the housing market crashed in 2008 due to subprime lenders and predatory loans, Teisha Powell, Law Offices was one of the first law Firm in the State of Florida to sound the alarm on predatory lending and usury loans.

Today predatory lenders are not in the subprime housing market, but in the small business account receivable books.  These lenders are not as yet regulated by congress and Business loans are not seen as needing much regulations.   Lenders are getting smarter by the minute and if a lender can trick you into believing you are not getting a loan you are getting something else, then the lender is ahead of you. 

Predatory lenders will trick you into borrowing money for cheap, when the reality is the usury loan will wipe to your knees.  If you have signed a Merchant Cash Advance loan, then understand you are not alone.  Many small business owners will be signing these merchant cash advance loans this year and next year to weather the inflation and recession that American is about to face. 

We can help you get a forbearance for the money you owe the Merchant Cash Advance lender. In other situation, we can get the debt settlement for a discount on what is owed.  So contact Teisha Powell, Law Offices P.A. today. Teisha Powell, Law Offices P.A. has been serving South Florida for 18 years in debtor rights and loss mitigation and forbearance against lenders, Florida Merchant Cash attorney

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