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Employee Retention Credit

8/17/2022 | Posted by Teisha Powell | 0 comments
Welcome to Teisha Powell, Law Offices, a consumer law firm that handles Insurance law, Tax law and Security Law. 
Previous corporate client include litigation for General Electric (GE) and consultation for Subway. What do you need to know about the Employee retention credit (ERC).  The employee retention credit allows business owners who had employees in 2019 (w2 workers) to get a tax refund. The credit is based on thew wages the business paid to its employees during 2020 and 2021. If the government ordered a limited operation by forcing the business to closer, required capacity restriction or otherwise restricted its business function, then you want to talk to a Tax attorney today. A business may be eligible for ERC if that business had a significant decline in revenue in any quarter from the beginning of the pandemic through 3rd quarter of 2021. If you have not yet gotten your ERC, then contact a tax attorney today. Hurry before time runs out. Call Teisha Powell, Law Offices today. Why Teisha Powell? Ms. Powell has a background in security, tax, finance and insurance law. Ms. Powell has been working in finance, insurance, security and tax law for 18 years. Previous corporate clients include GE and Subway.  

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