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Monthly Archives: May 2019

When to Sue your Homeowners Insurance Carrier Under Florida Law

5/26/2019 | Posted by Teisha Powell | 0 comments
If you live in South Florida, you will probably some day have a miserable water damage done to your property. Now the question is, how do you resolve it? First, you need to get a proof of loss done with your insurance carrier to list what was wrong and the estimation that you put on the loss. If your ...

4 Ways to Fight your Property Insurance Denial Claim

5/7/2019 | Posted by Teisha Powell | 0 comments
Sadly, if you live in South Florida, you will probably have a property insurance claim. Sadly, you will probably be denied a claim because the insurance companies in Florida love to deny, underpay or delay paying out money. But this is not the time to give up. Here are four things to do if your ...
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