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What area of Law does Florida Merchant Cash Advance Lawyer and Florida Insurance Lawyer covers:  

The Firm is a Solo Practitioner Litigation Boutique firm located in Boca Raton Florida. The Firm has been around for over 18 years. 
The Firm covers foreclosure defense, real estate closings, litigation, corporate,  finance law, security law, merchant cash advance, employee retention credit, etc, tax attorney and insurance claims. To be more specific the Firm handles Debt settlement, Florida Insurance Claim, Employee retention credit, tax law and a Security law attorney in the State of Florida. 

Florida Insurance Claims:

Teisha Powell, Law Offices P.A. handles all Florida Insurance claims. This includes Accident injury, slip and fall and Property Insurance claims.  Many homeowners are devastated by the loss of cast iron pipe claims to their older property. Most insurance companies are putting up a fight and they are not paying the insured what his or her fair share should be. At Teisha Powell, Law Offices P.A, we fight against big and greedy banks and insurance companies. We are proud to help you with your insurance defense needs. We have no problem filing a lawsuit against the insurance company for any bad faith or underpay or denial of any claim.  

Florida Accident Injury
Do you know that under Florida law, you have 4 years to file a civil lawsuit against the person or Business that is legally at fault for the wrong doing that cause your injury.  In many situation, most people do not know they suffered injury for years to come. If you meet directly in a car accident in Florida, then you have within 10 days to see a doctor. Failure to see a doctor within that 10 days will cause you to lose or not preserve your claim.  

Florida Property Insurance
We are a full time property advocate law Firm that handles first property insurance claim.  We help homeowners received top dollars for their insurance claim by advocating on the client's behalf. If you have a claim or your insurance carrier has denied, underpay or delayed your payment, then call Teisha Powell, Law Offices PA. today. We can help you get the claim filed and settled.

Florida Property Law
Florida Foreclosure Defense
If you are facing foreclosure in the state of Florida, then you are not alone. Many Americans lose their home to foreclosure. You will need to hire a good attorney to help defend you in your foreclosure needs. We have helped over 300 homeowners in the state of Florida defend their homes against foreclosure. We are here to help you with foreclosure defense, and loan modification. So call now. 

Toxic Lenders and Stocks- If you are a corporate owner and you have a toxic predatory loan, then look no further. At Teisha Powell Law Offices, we can help you fight subprime lenders even with stocks. 

Florida Merchant Cash Advance Lawyer
There is a way out of your Cash Advance Merchant Debt. 

Why choose Teisha Powell, Law Offices P.A to handle your Merchant Cash Advance debt? 

* We are a licensed Law Firm in the State of Florida. 

* we have been working with all creditors for over 18 years in debt settlement. 

* We can handle all settlement whether it is a national lender, federal lender, private lender, hedge fund investor, national banks or other creditors. 

* settled over 500 Million dollar worth of debt for clients over the years. 

We take it serious when victims have been abused by predatory lenders. The MCA lender business is nothing but a predatory lending scheme. The quicker you get help, the better you are in turning away from that headache. 

Florida Merchant Cash Advance Lawyer, Florida Merchant Cash Advance Debt settlement. 

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